Senior Field Grade Military Officer Cleared of Alleged Misconduct

Recently, a senior field grade military officer defended by attorney Richard V. Stevens (Military Defense Law Offices of Richard V. Stevens, P.C.) was cleared of the misconduct alleged against him as the unit commander.

Because this was an administrative disciplinary case, there are Privacy Act issues and regulations that preclude the reporting of specific details. However, what can be generally described is…

The senior military officer client was investigated for alleged professional wrongdoing that received public attention. The investigation that followed seemed to be driven by a desire for an outcome. The defense submitted a lengthy rebuttal to the investigation and the client was cleared of wrongdoing.

If the findings and recommendations of the investigation had stood, the client would have received a disciplinary action, negative performance report, and his military career would have been, at least effectively, over. Since he was cleared, he can now proceed with his career without negative impact.

While this military case was successfully defended, it is important to understand that every case has different facts, and success in previous cases does not guarantee success in any particular future case. No military lawyer or civilian defense lawyer, including those who specialize in military law, can guarantee the outcome of any military trial or case. However, consulting an experienced Article 15 defense lawyer may provide valuable insights and strategic guidance tailored to the unique circumstances of each case.

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Attorney Richard Stevens

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