Medical Evaluation Board and Physical Evaluation Board [M.E.B. and P.E.B.]

    Our civilian defense attorneys are best known for military court-martial trial defense and court-martial appellate practice successes. This includes high profile/media involved military justice cases, and other serious military criminal cases that have resulted in dropped charges/cases and acquittals (not guilty of all charges and specifications).

    While general court-martial (and sometimes special court-martial or summary court-martial) successes may result in more public recognition, there are many other military adverse actions that these military defense attorneys handle, that can have a dramatic impact on a military member’s career, future, and family.

    The disability evaluation system of the individual service branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard) involves MEB (Medical Evaluation Board) and PEB (Physical Evaluation Board) processing.

    Normally, this process begins when a medical provider from the local installation medical treatment facility begins the MEB process to determine if a military member is fit for duties commensurate with his/her rank and position and is deployable. If the case progresses through the MEB process, it begins the PEB process. The case will reach the IPEB (Information Physical Evaluation Board) and, depending on the member’s election, the FPEB (Formal Physical Evaluation Board). Possible outcomes in these cases include returning the member to duty, placing the member on the temporary disability retirement list (TDRL), administratively separating the member with severance or administratively separating the member with a medical retirement – depending on the disability rating/percentage in accordance with the VASRD (Veteran Affairs Schedule for Rating Disabilities).

    Military members who are sick and/or injured face this process, which can result in the abrupt end of their military career, and questionable future compensation. Because of this, having an experienced and aggressive military law attorney on your side is absolutely vital in these military disability cases.

    Attorneys Richard V. Stevens represents military members facing the disability process (MEB & PEB). This includes MEB responses, IPEB responses, appearance with the military member before the FPEB, and appeals of adverse rulings up to, and including, the BCMR (service branch Board for Correction of Military Records). Mr. Stevens is a civilian criminal defense attorney, former military JAG lawyer, and former medical malpractice defense lawyer who exclusively practices military law and defends military members stationed around the world who are facing military trials, disciplinary actions, appeals, adverse actions, board hearings, and investigations.

    If you’re facing a military MEB and/or PEB in the disability evaluation system, don’t hesitate to seek the legal help you’re going to need. For a free initial case consultation, please contact us.

    Attorney Richard Stevens

    Mr. Stevens has been handling military cases since 1995. He has defended military cases dealing with the most serious military offenses, including allegations of “war crimes,” national security cases, murder, manslaughter, homicide, rape, sexual assault, other sex related offenses, drug offenses, computer crimes (pornography), larceny, fraud, AWOL/desertion, conduct unbecoming, military academy offenses, offenses within combat zones, senior officer cases and other military specific offenses around the world. [ Attorney Bio ]

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