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Due to the serious nature of many of the military cases defended against by civilian defense attorneys Richard V. Stevens and Frank J. Spinner, either the cases, the clients, and/or Mr. Stevens or Mr. Spinner often appear in local, regional, national, and international print, radio or television media.

Their military cases/clients have also appeared in periodicals and books. Mr. Stevens, Mr. Spinner, and/or their cases/clients have appeared in the media outlets identified on this page.

Press coverage is rarely sought when defending cases, but press interest in a case is independent from defense counsel preferences. Therefore, it is very important for a defense lawyer to know how to deal with press coverage, and to have a media strategy before it’s necessary to react to information that appears in the press. Mr. Stevens and Mr. Spinner not only have this experience, they lecture at defense lawyer conferences about how to handle high profile cases involving media coverage. Article 15 defense lawyer professionals like them understand the nuances of managing public perception and navigating media scrutiny seamlessly.

Some of Mr. Stevens’ and Mr. Spinner’s past case/client/attorney appearances in the media are:

Attorney Richard V. Stevens

Air Force Academy Court-Martial Dropped (2019):

Officer Found Not Guilty of All Sexual Assault Allegations – Air Force Times, (2019):

Air Force Academy Court-Martial Case Dropped – Air Force Times (2019):

Military Sexual Assault Court-Martial Case Dropped – Air Force Times, Blog (2019):

Air Force F-22 Mishap Investigation (AIB & FEB) – Air Force Times (2018):

Military Rape/Sexual Assault Court-Martial Case Dropped – Fox San Antonio, Press Release, Blog (2018):

Invited to Testify before Congressional Committee Regarding Military Justice System (2016) [postponed due to elections]

Not Guilty Verdict in Military Rape/Sexual Assault Court-Martial Trial – Washington Blade, Huffington Post, Blog (2016):

Not Guilty Verdict in Military Domestic Assault Court-Martial Trial – Air Force Times (2016):

Allegations Dropped and Record Cleared for Military Pilot – Fox News, Air Force Times, John Q Public blog (2015-2016):

Not Guilty Verdict in Military Rape/Sexual Assault Court-Martial Trial – Air Force Times, Oklahoma News (2015):

No Military Court-Martial for Air Force Officer – Stars and Stripes (2014):

Changes in How the Military Handles Sexual Assault – McClatchy National News (2013):

Not Guilty Verdict in Military Rape Court-Martial Trial – Kansas City Star, (2013):

Response to Article:

Not Guilty Verdict in Military Rape Court-Martial Trial – Whiteman AFB Warrior (2013):

Response to Article:

President Obama’s Remarks Found to be Unlawful Command Influence (UCI) in Military Rape & Sexual Assault Cases at Trial Level, To Be Considered at Appellate Level – McClatchy National News (2013):

Inquiry Into Military Judge’s Alleged Remarks Tainting Courts-Martial, Rape & Sexual Assault Cases – McClatchy National News (2013):

President Obama Tackles Military Sexual Assaults – McClatchy National News (2013):

“Military Rape Culture” – Business Insider (Military & Defense) Blog, Eloise Lee (2012):

Secret Service/Military Alleged Prostitution Scandal in Columbia – CBS News and Army Times (2012):

Air Force Academy Cadet Alleged Rape, Court-Martial Case Dropped – Associated Press/Yahoo News/Colorado Springs Gazette (2012):

Associated Press Military Law Expert Interviews, MAJ Nadal Hasan Case (2011):

Air Force Officer Alleged Breach of Flight Discipline, Flying Evaluation Board Case – Air Force Times (2011):

Air Force Officer Alleged Larceny and Nuclear Security Breach, Court-Martial Case Dropped – New York Times (2010):

Army NCO Alleged Murder of al-Qaida Terrorist in Iraq, Court-Martial Trial – CBS News & San Antonio Express News (2008):

Defending Military War Crimes Cases – Middle East Times (2009):

Army Officer Alleged Murder of Wife in Korea, Court-Martial Trial – Stars & Stripes (2009):

Army NCO Alleged Maltreatment Case in Iraq – CBS News & Associated Press/Seattle Times (2009):

Medical & Legal Complications of Mandatory Military Anthrax Vaccinations – McClatchy National News (2006):

Army Officer Alleged Solicitation of Murder of al-Qaida Terrorists in Iraq, Case Dropped – Associated Press/Los Angeles Times (2005):

Book: Drowning in the Desert: A JAG’s Search for Justice in Iraq (By Vivian Gembara)

Book: Warrior King: The Triumph and Betrayal of an American Commander in Iraq (By LTC (ret) Nathan Sassaman)

Air Force Officer Alleged Infant Murder, Court-Martial Trial – WHIO-TV (2005):

Not Guilty Verdict in Air Force Academy Cadet Alleged Rape, Court-Martial Trial – Associated Press/Los Angeles Times, Colorado Springs Gazette (2005):

Dismissal of Medical Malpractice Lawsuit – Raleigh News & Observer (2004):!topic/alt.adoption/b5NifhqcN9w

Air Force Airman Alleged Rape and Attempted Decapitation Murder, Court-Martial Case Dropped – Air Force Times, Amarillo Globe News, Lubbock Avalanche Journal (2001):


Navy “Fat Leonard” Court-Martial – Navy Times (2018):

Military Sexual Assault Court-Martial Conviction Overturned, DoD & Lawmakers React – National News, CNN, Today Show (2013):

Secret Service/Military Alleged Prostitution Scandal in Columbia – CBS News and Army Times (2012):

Army Enlisted Stryker Brigade Soldier Alleged Murder of Afghan Civilians, Court-Martial Trial – ABC News Interview Transcript (2011):

Army NCO Alleged Triple Murder, Court-Martial Trial – ABC News 20/20 (2010):

Book: Innocent Victims (By Scott Whisnant)

New Yorker Article: Three Trials for Murder (By Nicholas Schmidle):

Army NCO Alleged Murder of Iraqi Detainees, Court-Martial Trial – CNN Anderson Cooper, “Killings At The Canal” Transcript (2009):

Army CWO Alleged Murder of Iraqi Prisoner, Court-Martial Case – NPR Transcript (2006):

NPR Navy SEAL Officer Alleged Murder of Iraqi Prisoner, Court-Martial Trial – NPR Transcript (2005):

New Yorker Article: A Deadly Interrogation: Can the CIA Legally Kill a Prisoner? (By Jane Mayer):

Abu Ghraib Prisoner Abuse, Court-Martial Trial – MSNBC News & USA Today (2005):

Marine Officer, Pilot Alleged Manslaughter, Court-Martial Trial – Washington Post (1999):

Civilian Lawyer Takes on the Military – Google News (1999):,3338133

Army General Officer Alleged Sex Offenses, Court-Martial Trial – Los Angeles Times (1999):

Air Force Officer, Pilot Alleged Sex Offenses, Disciplinary Case – PBS News (1997):

Book: Proud To Be: My Life, The Air Force, The Controversy (By Kelly Flinn)

Attorney Richard Stevens

Mr. Stevens has been handling military cases since 1995. He has defended military cases dealing with the most serious military offenses, including allegations of “war crimes,” national security cases, murder, manslaughter, homicide, rape, sexual assault, other sex related offenses, drug offenses, computer crimes (pornography), larceny, fraud, AWOL/desertion, conduct unbecoming, military academy offenses, offenses within combat zones, senior officer cases and other military specific offenses around the world. [ Attorney Bio ]

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