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Senior Field Grade Military Officer Wins Show Cause (Discharge) Board And Retained In Military

Recently, a senior field grade military officer defended by attorney Richard V. Stevens was retained in the military after winning a litigated board of inquiry (BOI) hearing - involuntary administrative discharge board. In the military, involuntary administrative discharg [...]

Military Senior Noncommissioned Officer Found Not Guilty of Attempt to Kill Unborn Child in Court-Martial Trial (UCMJ Article 119a)

Recently, a military senior noncommissioned officer who faced a general court-martial (GCM) in which he was accused of domestic violence was found not guilty of attempt to kill an unborn child (UCMJ Article 119a). The accused military member was defended by our military law [...]

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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Convenient Opinions Regarding Due Process – Does An Accused Have The Right To Be Heard, And The Right To A Fair Investigation?

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has long championed herself as an advocate for women's rights and a crusader to change the disciplinary systems on college campuses and the justice system in the military to give "more voice" to complainants alleging sexual assault and sexual miscon [...]