Military Noncommissioned Officer Has Assault and Sexual Harassment Court-Martial Case Dropped

Recently, a military noncommissioned officer (NCO) defended by attorney Richard V. Stevens (Military Defense Law Offices of Richard V. Stevens, P.C.) had the assault and sexual harassment court-martial case he faced dropped by the military.

The client was accused of assault and sexual harassment, and was facing a court-martial trial. The case had proceeded past the motion hearing, and was scheduled for trial, when the defense made a request to drop the court-martial case, and to handle the case administratively instead. The first defense request was rejected. However, with trial approaching imminently, the second defense request was approved, the court-martial case against the client was dropped by the government, and the case was handled administratively instead.

Had there been a court-martial trial and sex crime conviction in this case, the client could have been sentenced to a punitive discharge, confinement in prison, reduction in rank, and forfeitures of pay and allowances. Thankfully, the court-martial case was dropped and he was spared this risk of devastation to his future.

While this military court-martial and sexual offense case was successfully defended, it is important to understand that every case has different facts, and success in previous cases does not guarantee success in any particular future case. No military lawyer or civilian defense lawyer, including those who specialize in military law, can guarantee the outcome of any military trial or case.

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