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Military Computer Crime Defense – Accessing, Possessing, Creating, Transporting, Distributing, Transmitting Adult or Child Pornography on Government or Personal Computers (UCMJ Articles 92 and 134)

Richard Stevens
Military Computer Crime Defense Lawyer

Over their years of military law practice, civilian court-martial defense lawyers Richard V. Stevens and Frank J. Spinner have defended numerous military cases alleging accessing/viewing, possessing, creating, transporting, distributing, or transmitting adult or child pornography on government or personal computers. 

These cases can be complicated, as they can involve forensic computer experts and analyses, forensic medical experts to determine the ages/development of the individuals depicted in the images (Tanner staging), the possibility of alteration of images, legal issues involving the authority and scope of computer searches and seizures, dealing with different peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing sources, such as LimeWire, Gnutella, Morpheus, BearShare and Kazaa, dealing with government forensic agencies such as DCFL (Defense Computer Forensics Laboratory), dealing with outside agencies, such as NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children), charging under federal pornography statutes, and issues regarding government computers, government networks, and restrictions in deployed environments. 

While the broad term “computer” is used above, these cases can involve personal computers and networks, government computers and networks, desktop computers, laptop computers, tablet computers, external and portable memory devices and mobile data devices, such as MP3 players and mobile phones. 

Not only can these cases be complicated, the accused military members face extreme jeopardy – possible federal criminal conviction, lengthy jail terms, dishonorable discharge or dismissal, possible sex offender registration and a variety of other legal, professional, personal, and family consequences.  An experienced and aggressive defense attorney is absolutely vital in these military cases.  

Richard V. Stevens and Frank J. Spinner are civilian criminal defense attorneys and former military JAG lawyers who exclusively practice military law and defend military members stationed around the world who are facing military trials, discipline and investigations.  If you’re facing military allegations regarding computer crimes and pornography, don’t hesitate to seek the legal help you’re going to need.  For a free initial case consultation, please contact us.