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California Military Defense

Civilian court-martial defense lawyer and military criminal defense attorney Richard V. Stevens (former active duty JAG defense lawyer) has a worldwide military defense law practice.  He exclusively defends military members facing military adverse actions, including court-martial (military trial), discharge boards/separation boards/elimination boards, military discipline, and military investigations (including AFOSI, CID, NCIS, CGIS, IG, and command investigations).  He defends members of all military branches stationed around the world and he travels to wherever the client is stationed to defend them, when necessary. 

Many of the cases attorney Richard V. Stevens has defended over the years have been at [state name] military bases.  He handles cases at bases including:

– Edwards AFB: Barstow, California area

– Travis AFB: Fairfield and San Francisco, California areas

– Beale AFB: Marysville and Sacramento, California areas

– McClellan AFB: Sacramento, California area

– Vandenberg AFB: Lompoc, Bakersfield and Los Angeles, California areas

– Los Angeles AFB: El Segundo and Los Angeles, California areas

– 29 Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

– Naval Station San Diego

– Naval Base Coronado

– Marine Corps Air Station Miramar: San Diego, California area

– Camp Pendleton: San Diego, California area

– Fort Irwin: Los Angeles, California area

– ISC Alameda Coast Guard Base: Alameda, California area

As a military law specialist, attorney Richard V. Stevens’ military legal defense practice includes all types of military specific adverse actions such as:

– General court-martial (military criminal trial)

– Special court-martial (military criminal trial)

– Summary court-martial (military criminal trial)

– Court-martial clemency

– Court-martial appeal

– Article 32 hearings

– Military discharge or separation, including show cause, board of inquiry and elimination boards

– Military discipline

– UCMJ actions

– Article 15, Nonjudicial Punishment (NJP), Captain’s Mast

– Admonition (letter of admonition – LOA)

– Reprimand (GOMOR or letter of reprimand – LOR)

– Demotion

– Investigations by IG, CID, AFOSI, NCIS, CGIS, AR 15-6, CDI, command

– Board of Correction for Military Records (BCMR) appeals

– Negative performance report or evaluation report appeals

– Security clearance issues

– Medical board cases and hearings (MEB, PEB)

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